• Standard Star Gift Pack
    With our standard star gift offer, you can get a real star, which will be visible from any place on earth throughout the year.
    Visible from any place on earth



  • Zodiac Star Gift Pack
    Get a star in a constellation of your choice. This is a great star gift option because is it easy to find and recall constellations.
    Very easy to locate
    Visible from any place on earth



  • Binary Star Gift Pack
    This is a system of two stars where one star revolves around the other. A binary star is great for couples or registering a star for 2 people.
    Very rare and bright stars
    Visible from any place on earth



Buy a star online

Buy a Star online

Can You really buy a star?

In this World, there are many mysteries, and most of them we can't explain like the black holes, the creation of life on the Earth or the explosion of stars. However, some questions have a legit answer: everyone can buy a real star.

It is true. No matter where you are in the World, you can buy a star and see it on your favourite night sky view. Star Register offers gift service that allows you to get a star from our official site and receive a specific registration number that will allow you to find your star in the star database.

International Star Registry

Every star is registered in the International Star Registry, which is one of the largest registration databases in the World. Moreover, the stars are recorded and approved only by the administration of the Star Registration database. Therefore, you can be sure that no one else will have the same star.

What do you get when you buy a star?

Basically, you will be provided with a real Certificate and Star Map, which will prove the fact of registration. Star Map indicates the coordinates to help you to locate this little piece of the Universe that belongs to you. Therefore, you will have legitimate documents and a record of your star's location in the official database.

No matter which gift package you will choose, you will always receive electronic files of your documents. These files will never get lost, as they will be stored on our server forever. Therefore, you can quickly locate them and print them by yourself anytime in the future.

What are the main reasons to get a star?

  • It's the most personalized gift ever, and no one else will have the same star.

  • It's original and thoughtful - because it shows that you put in the extra effort to excite someone.

  • It is timeless - yes, indeed, there is no expiration date, and you will have a star in the registry forever.

Every year we are giving each other the same boring gifts. However, as time passes, these things might get damaged or lost. Stop giving meaningless gifts and choose our gift service to show your loved ones that you genuinely care for them.

If you want to buy a star in the sky in specific zodiac constellation, we advise you to choose a Zodiac Star gift package. You can select your favorite constellation visible all over the world, and we will assign you a star only for $54,90. This means you will have a bright star in the well-known constellation that you will easily find.

Your own star - a gift for any special occasion

Star is an excellent gift for any occasion, like an anniversary or birthday present, as a gift for Valentine's Day and for Christmas, and even for Halloween - there is nothing scarier than dark matter expanding through space.

Be bold and unique! Become a legend in gift-giving, and everyone will be impressed by your brilliant yet simple idea.

Can you buy a star from NASA?

Star registration is the most trending gift right now and, yes, you can get your own star. When thinking about space and the Universe in general, the first organization that pops into your head is NASA. Well, for one, NASA doesn't really care about your gifting problems, and you surely can't buy a star from them. What you can do is get a real star in the sky with Star Register.

Knowing that neither NASA nor any other astronomical entity (like IAU) does not offer to buy a star from them, we wanted to step in and change that. Thus, Star Registration has created an opportunity for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts to register stars.

How to buy a star?

Buying a star for someone is as easy as making a wish. Be sure to follow our guide, and you will have a star within less than 5 minutes.

  1. Go to our website and choose the offer that suits you the most.

  2. Choose a specific name for your star.

  3. Add an emotional message that will make your Certificate more meaningful.

  4. Select the registration date, decide how bright star you want and choose a specific constellation for your star.

  5. Add your star to Cart and proceed to Checkout to make the purchase.

  6. Fill in your billing information and the details for delivery.

  7. Choose your delivery method wisely to receive the gift on time.

  8. Review all the information and place an order!

That is it! Everything else we will do for you. Just relax and wait a few minutes before we send you the confirmation e-mail with your electronic registration documents.

Can you imagine a better gift than the one sent from the Universe? It is scientifically proven that the most profound things in life are simple yet surprising. So are the stars! Buy a star online now.