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Last minute gift ? You will not receive any physical materials. We will send you a print yourself PDF version of the certificate and star map as well as we will register your star in the Star Register.
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About the star

Binary star is a system of two stars where one star revolves around the other. Both stars may also revolve around a common centre, which has been called the barycenter. Such systems of two stars have been often called "multiple star systems" by scientists. Sometimes these have been called double stars as from earth binary star system can appear as one star due to a very small distance between both stars of the system. Binary star is great for double names, such as your name and that of your lover or the closest one. It is a perfect gift for marriage anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just any ordinary occasion where 2 persons would be involved. These stars are very bright and are visible from any point on earth.

*In order to assign specific constellation to your star, please choose one of the options from “Constellation” dropdown above.

Information about delivery

Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland:

  • E-mail delivery: receive printable file (PDF) in your e-mail within 5 minutes and print out registration documents by yourself.
  • Standard shipping: receive your registration documents within 5-9 business days sent through postal network.
  • Express shipping: receive your gift within 2-3 business days. Delivered right to your door.

What is included in the gift set

- Eternal and unique registration in the database of International Star Register.
- Star Registration Certificate printed on high quality luster paper.
- Star Map with a location of the Star printed on high quality luster paper.
- Instant e-mail with Star Registration Certificate in .PDF format.
Binary Star Registration