Offers to Name a Star

  • Standard Star Gift Pack
    With our standard star gift offer, you can get a real star, which will be visible from any place on earth throughout the year.
    Visible from any place on earth



  • Zodiac Star Gift Pack
    Get a star in a constellation of your choice. This is a great star gift option because is it easy to find and recall constellations.
    Very easy to locate
    Visible from any place on earth



  • Binary Star Gift Pack
    This is a system of two stars where one star revolves around the other. A binary star is great for couples or registering a star for 2 people.
    Very rare and bright stars
    Visible from any place on earth



Excellent Print Quality

Excellent Print Quality

Surprise your closest ones in style by our excellent quality prints! We use the latest pigment ink technologies and the same type of lustre paper traditionally used by wedding, portrait and fine-art photographers.
Fast delivery

Fast delivery

We deliver star naming gift packages worldwide! Apply for FREE shipping or choose from a variety of other delivery options. Last moment idea? Receive Star Registration Certificate instantly through the e-mail!
Customer care


Our team of star gift specialists will do their best to ensure you are taken care of before and after registering a star with us. Whenever you need some information – do not hesitate to send us a message and we will get back ASAP. For instant messages, use our live chat.
Secure payments

Secure payments

We guarantee you 100% security on your star gift order info and payments. We use the latest SSL Security (HTTPS); meanwhile, the safety of the website has been insured by McAfee Secure services.

Name A Starin any constellation

Name A Star That Is Clearly Visible

Our private registry service only names clearly visible stars. If you are not satisfied with our services or the star we named for you, you can request us to name another star for you or refund the entire amount you spent on your purchase. We are regularly audited for quality and reliability by the Star Register since we are its partner. You can find and easily retrieve the stars we name at the Star Register page called Star List. After you make a purchase, we will ship the materials related to the named star such as the star registry certificate within 1 business day. We also send these materials by email if you need them fast.

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