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Star Name Catalog offers an option to get a star name in the world's largest celestial name database.
Star Name Catalog is a private archiving service and is not affiliated with any governmental entities or educational institutions.

Stars in the night sky have always inspired humankind. To preserve this incredible bond that we have with the Universe, Star Name Catalog offers to record a star name for someone anywhere in the world. 

Imagine that you could write your name across the stars. It is possible. Thus, we have a unified and official database for those who want to connect their names with actual stars in the sky. 

There are millions of stars in the vast cosmos, and now you can have your own in our permanent star name archive. 

Human beings have cataloged celestial objects since ancient times. Unlike our ancestors, we have made a modern and official system storing all the star names that were assigned to celestial objects. 

The live data about stars in the catalog has been provided and regularly updated by our official partner SREU. So that you can be sure your ID number is as unique as your star. 

Furthermore, the catalog doesn’t have an expiration date. The star that you have chosen will shine upon you forever. We offer a unique service, so you can honor your loved ones and celebrate every occasion in a meaningful way.

Registration Nr.
# Constellation Coordinates Name
63E72E322 Ursa Major RA 9h 5m 24.1s Dec 48° 31' 49.1'' Eddy Schaub
D5A2C39C1 Draco RA 16h 46m 51.6s Dec 55° 24' 35.9'' Himawari
D549C61D8 Ursa Minor RA 14h 5m 30.4s Dec 74° 42' 55.2'' Nyla Ryn
9511B3BAA Lyra RA 18h 42m 55.4s Dec 44° 55' 30.9'' Eniko
04749EDFB Sagittarius RA 19h 49m 11.6s Dec -28° 47' 20.3'' Ermira
5B3718146 Cepheus RA 22h 23m 7.0s Dec 55° 57' 47.6'' Samantha Pannier

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How does Star catalog work?

Star naming is an effortless and official process - within a few clicks, you will leave a mark on the Universe forever. After you chose how to entitle your star and catalog it with us, the information regarding this action will be sent to our official partners for quality reassurance.  

The stars are cataloged and approved only by the database (also known as Star Name catalog). Therefore, you can be sure that no one else will have the same star. 

After a successful transaction, you will receive a certificate (within an hour) to prove your record in our database. Moreover, to locate your star more efficiently, we will also send Star Map with your star's exact location in a particular constellation. 

With the unique ID number on your Star Certificate, you can observe the entry in the database and search for the star's information. This will help you find the catalog entry and see your star and how it looks like in the space. 

You will always be able to find your star in the official database of the Star Name catalog since there are no validity terms for these records. From there, you will also have access to track your star and view it from the satellite.

Is the star name catalog legit?

International Astronomical Union (IAU) still uses the contribution of Ptolemy and many other astronomers who catalogued stars. To clarify, IAU is an organization that agrees upon the names of astronomical objects. Although some of the traditional names are still in their database, they do not register stars in a conventional sense. 

On the contrary, IAU only catalogue stars for scientific purposes using their coordinates and astronomical calculations. They do not take any new names, especially words with personal meaning to any individual on Earth. Probably, they never will allow it. 

Nevertheless, many people believe that assigning your name to stellar objects will have a significant impact on your life. Well, we are one of them. Star Certificate is a gift service that provides people with the opportunity to register a star for someone. 

How can I check the stare I have registered?

As an independent organization, we guarantee instant registration possibilities. In detail, this means that registering stars through our service is very fast, error-proof, and official. 

we guarantee that you will receive your registration documents in your email. Additionally, you can use your ID number to find your star within our catalogue.

Please, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your certificate and find your catalog ID number.

2. Open this site - https://star-register.eu/

3. There you need to copy your ID number and click on the option to check it. 

4. Congratulations! You have found your star.

After you followed all the steps, you will see how your star looks in space. Then, according to Star Map and the catalogue preview, you know the location, now use the other constellations as navigation points. 

We genuinely guarantee our customers that every star is officially recorded, and each star is at a unique location. Every star in the database is also NASA approved to exist in specific areas.