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Standard Star Gift Pack


Your Star Information

Maximum number of characters: 35

? You can include a personal message or wish on the certificate.

Additional Extras

Last minute gift ? You will not receive any physical materials. We will send you a print yourself PDF version of the certificate and star map as well as we will register your star in the Star Register.
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A Trusted Brand

Our mission has always been to help our customers give their loved ones something unique and something that lasts forever. With over 50 000 registration certificates issued, we have brought laughs and tears of joy to many families worldwide. Become a part of our family!

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Standard Star Registration

A Standart Star option allows you to name a star visible in your area. A star will be selected based on shipping details to ensure the star is visible in your area. You can upgrade the brightness degree and choose a specific constellation for additional fees.

What's Included

Gift Package

In the star gift package you will receive:

1 Registration in Star Register - an entry in the online star catalog

2 Star Finder: A software that will help you to find your star

3 Star Certificate: Provides the name of the star, your message, and official NASA coordinates from the Celestial Name Database

4 Star Map: Displays the exact location of your star

5 Gift Folder: Covers your gift in the atmosphere of the space

6 (Optional) Frame: Make your gift even more special with a black wooden frame

7 (Optional) Constellation pendant: A gold plated necklace in the recipient's zodiac sign

Important! Take into consideration the location of the recipient. It is sufficient to get a standard or a bright star if the recipient of a gift will be observing the star in the night sky in a place without a lot of illumination. If the recipient will be watching the star from an area with a lot of lightning around, it's better to pick a very bright star.

Delivery Information to United States

Email Info

E-mail delivery

  • 5-20 minutes After Order is Created
  • Does not include physical goods


Standard Info

Standard delivery

  • 6-8 business days after fulfillment
  • Includes e-mail delivery

$8.63 - $13.63

Express info

Express delivery

  • 3-5 business days after fulfillment
  • Detailed tracking
  • Includes e-mail delivery


Frequently asked questions

Is this a real star?

Yes. You are naming an existing and specific star with NASA/IAU coordinates. These coordinates will be displayed on your certificate after the purchase, and it will be possible to find a star by these coordinates.

How do I find my star after the purchase?

You can find your star with our Software called Star Finder. Here is an example: Star Finder. You can use it from your mobile and laptop and see the star stemming from your current location and local time.

Will the star be visible in my area?

Yes. We select stars by your Shipping address. The stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe, Asia) will be visible in any country from these continents. The same is true for Southern Hemisphere (South America, Australia, etc.).

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