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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Star?

Price of a star

Do you spend to much time and money but still feel that your gift is missing something special? A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to express love and affection. Get a real star for a truly affordable price and with extra emotion, because the most amazing things are always those we do not expect.

Star registration offers you a gift service allowing you to get a star for someone starting from 29£. Now you can surprise your family or friends with a gift from the universe.

Value of Star Registration documents

Even if most of the gifts out there are very expensive, that does not mean that they are more meaningful. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on mundane things. Be a star of gift-giving and leave your mark on the universe with authentic star registration documents.

You can get an official star registration entry in our International database, that will never get lost and never will expire. Buying a star is a very affordable gift as it starts from 29,90€. Your gift will have eternal emotional value, and as long as you are living here under this sky, your star will shine right above you.

Variety of star gift packages

Your perfect gift has always shined upon you. We have three main gift sets from which you can choose the perfect one for your budget:

  1. Last-minute gift package: you can get a real star only for 29,90£ (including shipping) with super-fast e-mail delivery (5 minutes). After a few minutes, you will receive a certificate with your registration details and Star Map with the exact location of your star. Nonetheless, you will also have an entry in the star registry, where you will see the star name you have chosen to buy.

  2. Standard star gift package: if you want to receive physical documents, you can choose the Standard Star gift set for 39.90£ that includes all the registration documents (even digital version). We will print your documents on high-quality luster paper, insert them in an elegant gift folder and ship it securely to you.

  3. 3. Exclusive gift packages: if you are looking for more luxurious and personalized gift packages, you can choose between Zodiac Star gift set (44.90€) or Binary Star gift package (79.90£). Thus, you will have a brighter star (or two) in the well-known constellation that you will easily find.

What is included in the gift package?

Catch the glimpse of the Universe with your own star - frame it and keep in your life forever!

Here is the information about what is included in the gift set:

  • Official registration in Star Registry.

  • Personalized Star Certificate as the proof of registration.

  • Star Map with the location of your star.

  • Instant PDF of registration documents.

  • Option to make the gift more special with a frame and zodiac necklace.

Can you pay NASA to register a star?

Star registration is a very expressive way to show your affection, however, NASA doesn’t quite encourage this action. NASA is responsible for space research and does not offer a chance to register a star with them. Therefore, our gift service has provided the opportunity to register a star within our private database at a reasonable price.

Star is a great gift for those astronomy geeks and stargazers out there, who always dream of the night sky. You can buy and name a star on our site and choose a gift package that corresponds to your budget.