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Name a Real Star in The Sky

Name a Real Star in The Sky

Imagine that you could make the Universe more meaningful... Using Star registration, you can name a real star in the sky and have a part of the Universe forever. This is such an original yet simple gift that will make your loved ones feel special. 

About Star Registration

Star Registration is an official company that allows naming real stars that are visible in your night sky. It doesn't even matter where you are in the world: you can name a star in Germany or Alaska, we still guarantee you will see it shining upon you forever.

We are a partner of the Star Register. This company regularly audits the reliability and quality of our service, for example, making sure that there are no duplicates in registration. Therefore, star naming using our website is not only easy and safe but also official and legitimate.

International Astronomical Union

Star naming is original gift service; however, it has been restricted only to professional use for many years. Formally, the International Astronomical Union dealt with star registrations; however, they did it only for scientific purposes. IAU chose star names depending on their coordinates, and no one could ever name stars through their institution.

International Star Registry

Knowing that people are genuinely enthusiastic about stars, Star Registration decided to create an International Star Registry to allow anyone in the world to name a star. With us, everyone can have the most unique gift in the Universe: a real star.

Is star naming legit?

Every day there are countless star registration requests around the world. For every request Star Registration manually assigns a star depending on the location of the customer. Therefore, you will always be able to find your star int the sky.

Star naming is not only a combination of emotions and science, but it is also precise and legitimate service that delivers a truly unique gift. Star Registration has created a database so that people could name stars and receive Certificate and Star Map as proof of this registration. Moreover, you will be able to access electronic copies of your documents in your e-mail within 5 minutes.

A gift from stars - original gift pack

Stars have inspired millions of people, creating a sense of wonder and hope where it is needed the most. Everyone has looked up at the sky and found meaning in the Universe, which you can now capture in the Star Registration gift pack.

How much does it cost to name a star?

Most of the unique gifts are either too expensive or meaningless. Even though we spend our time and money looking for the perfect present, most of the time, it still doesn't feel like enough. Therefore, Star Registration created service with cheap, but meaningful gift options that will make your loved ones happy. You can name a star starting from 29€ and have a timeless registry in our database.

What's included in Star naming gift pack?

You can create a completely personalized gift using Star Registration service. Our gift package consists of:

  • Official registration in International Star Registry catalogue.

  • Registration documents: Certificate and Star Map.

  • Extra options to upgrade your gift: frame or zodiac necklace.

You can choose whether to have electronic files or receive the physical gift, as well. Therefore, you will have both the proof of registration, beautifully printed documents and timeless access to your star in the online database.

How to name a star?

Naming a star for someone is a lovely idea. Even though the process of registration might seem rather complicated and too scientific, we have made this experience for our customers as simple as possible.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Decide between three of our gift packages: Standard, Zodiac and Binary.

  2. Choose the name of your star.

  3. Apply a particular date that will appear on the Certificate.

  4. Add a personal message to make your Certificate more special.

  5. Choose your certificate design between 6 aesthetic variants.

  6. If you are satisfied with your order details and the look of your Certificate, add your star to the cart.

  7. Proceed to checkout and insert your billing, shipping information.

  8. Choose the shipping method that will match your expectations (regular or express shipping of the star name documents).

  9. Fill the payment details and review your order once more.

  10. If everything is perfect, place an order, and we will assign you a star.

If you have any questions about star naming, feel free to contact us, and we will clear your doubts. We believe that stars named after someone is the greatest gift possible. Try our original service, and you won't regret it.